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Mariton studiyo is one of the most well-known VFX studios in Mumbai . For all the modern media demands, our talented VFX artists create high-quality and distinctive 2D and 3D VFX animations. Visual effects is a technology that uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) to transform an imaginary scene into a real one that would be impossible to capture in real life. All of our VFX artists carry years of experience in all aspects of VFX, including the addition of special effects utilizing simple animation and compositing tools. 

Mariton studiyo vfx-services


We have a lot of experience with Rotoscoping and can guarantee that we will provide excellent services when it comes to generating live backgrounds.

Matt Painting

We make digital or traditional paintings or photographs as backgrounds for the 3D characters, particle effects, or digital sets which we use.

Wire Removal

Without the usage of wire removal services, action movie fight scenes and stunts cannot be seen in the virtual or visual world. We create flawless superhero scenes with our clever wire removal solution


We have the most up-to-date software, which makes simulations more impulsive than expected. Through our CGI services, you will get a better VFX 3D Display, Wire-frame model, texture mapping, motion capture, crowd, simulation, global illumination, and so on.


Our artists introduce even the miniature creatures and scenes to real-life footage and combine and arrange, mix, smudge, stitch and adjust the different layers and elements together in the desired way to create fine VFX with us.

3D modeling

We create 3D models of props or characters using cutting-edge technologies. Because our experts work in so many fields, we are one of the few visual effects studios in India that provides a comprehensive VFX solution.

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